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Jeremiah 32:27 "I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?"


MINISTRIES by Annette Johnson


To My Friends and Loved Ones:

God has allowed me to be a servant to him, sing his praises and tell all who will listen. It's so great to be serving a 'Miracle Working God.' Through twenty-one cancer related surgeries. I have found God's word to be true. He always goes ahead to prepare a way for us. He has never left me alone, even in the darkest hours. You have noticed that I use a cane. This is because my bones are easily broken. I nearly lost the use of my right arm, which is my cane arm, due to Cancer Surgery in December of 1998. This would have left me in a wheelchair. I'm not complaining, just explaining. God is so great! He knew my heart wanted to praise the Lord with both arms lifted up to Him. Through faith in God and hard work, I can now lift up His praises not only in voice, surgeries, but with all I have to offer Him.

In March 1999, God not only healed my arm but also my stomach. I was starving to death and went down to 79 pounds. I never felt the true joy of being able to eat anything I wanted and hold in in. I have recently gained another 20 pounds. Praise God! Also in March, I was diagnosed with four spots on my liver. While the doctor was doing minor surgery to ease the pain in my ribs, they accidently punctured my lung causing it to collapse twice. The doctor told me that I would die if I would try to sing again. I walked out of his office with a greater determination to sing God's praises and testify of his goodness. I hope to someday meet you face to face so we can talk and sing the praises of God forever. He has opened so many doors for me. I pray for the opportunity to tell you of the other miracles He has done for me as an encouragement to you to keep serving Him.

In Christ's Love, Annette

(Gently Used Stuffed Animal Drive)

I collect gently used stuffed animals for children in need. Every child needs a hug when going through a tough time. Whether it's cancer, divorce, homelessness, living in shelters, children centers or project areas, I want to give them something to hug and hold while going through these hard times. You can be part of this ministry by sending your gently used stuffed animals to my address:

Annette Johnson
1158 E. Center St.
Marion, OH 43302

"Gods Not Done Yet" (Going Beyond Cancer)

Sharing with you the laughter and the heartache is one of my greatest enjoyments of life. Sharing the many funny stories that God himself, through experience, has shown me will make you laugh, cry, shout, and rejoice in knowing just how truly amazing God is.

It has been through the darkest time and trial of life that God has taught me great lessons - a lesson of how cancer is no match for God’s Spirit in you, and how God’s love for you is greater than you can ever imagine. His strength is stronger that you think, and his power goes beyond all measures. His faithfulness will never fail you. Most important of all, for those who need God most, there is joy unspeakable to be found in trying times.

"Don't Give Up" (Alcohol, Drugs, and Suicide are not the answer - God is Greater)

I love speaking to young people and families who have children on drugs. I love telling them just where and how far God has brought me. You see -- I was a preacher's kid. I grew up in church, but at a young age, my independence, stubbornness and strong will would begin to override the voice of God and the voice of my parents. Alcohol and drugs would eventually take over and help me to make the decision to start running away from my life, my family, and most of all -- God!

I will share with you the story of how I survived -- living and running the streets of Chicago, sleeping sometimes between the dumpster (trash can) and wall for safety in alleys, working in strip joints for drugs, and sleeping with countless people for drugs and alcohol and a place to stay -- and how, through Satan’s power of blinding your eyes spiritually, it will cause you to do unthinkable things… signing away my own son and never remembering it. God knew it would take a father who was so full of God’s love and never gave up searching for me, and a mother who was full of God’s power, might, and strength, who daily went boldly before God for my soul. Through their love for God, on the streets one day with nothing to offer God, I would hear and finally realize God died for me too, and that his blood would cover my sins. His forgiveness would lead me to my first steps “Going Home” where life would never be the same again. (Behold all things are made new).

We will talk on all 3 subjects -- Drugs, Alcohol, and Suicide -- and how all three of these are the number one killer of our kids. Each one of them has affected my life so deeply.

(There is healing in transitions, and repositioning in our lives.)

I love to empower women through the Word of God and songs God has given me. I can speak on many subjects with women. With women, my life becomes an open book. As the old saying goes 'I let my hair down and let it all hang out,' and I get real about my life and its ups and downs.

It's a time of love, laughter, tears, worship, praise, rejoicing, and giving thanks to God for his goodness, mercy and grace, knowing that with God -- all things are possible.

This will uplift your heart. You will grow in love, faith, knowledge and wisdom. Through sharing my life experiences, you will see how God has reshaped my life over and over. In those times of transition and repositioning, God will sometimes bring you to your knees causing you to go into a time of great healing and most of all -- great growth.

(Laughter through heartaches - Mother's Day Special)

We'd all like to grow up thinking we were the perfect child - born to the greatest Mom in the world. But only half of that was true with me -- I wasn't the perfect child. I was my Mother's worst nightmare. There was nothing that I wouldn't do or say to try and break her spirit, her love for God and for me. At the age of 2, I think our war began -- my will versus hers and God's. She would say that she would try to rock and hold me, but I would not let her, and that would break her heart -- and so the battle of wills began.

I spent most of my life always doing the opposite of what I was told to do…. Always sneaking around trying to get away with things. But to my great disappointment, somehow Mama would find out. I guess it wouldn't have anything to do with God speaking to her through those dreams? I would lay in my bed at night and pray that God would not speak to Mama in her sleep J. If that wasn't bad enough, in later years when I grew up, I found out that God, himself, created air vents that you could hear through that lead from my room to hers. Little did I know that when I was confessing my sins to my sisters, Mama was listening through the air vent in her room. God was making sure that if He did not tell her in a dream, I would tell her thru the air vent. -- Ain't that just like God.

In these special Mothers Day Conferences, I love sharing some of the funniest stories of my childhood. Having a Mom like mine, who had the strength of God and of a whole army rolled up into this one person was scary, yet funny for me. But in later years, she and God would be my saving grace.

(Empowering women with God's Love For Them

I will speak on my own experiences of abuse first hand. First, the abuse that I did to myself through alcohol and drugs -- then after conquering both through God, how I began a new path of not forgiving myself or never really being taught how to love myself. I would begin letting others physically and mentally abuse me because I thought I deserved it, and that God was punishing me for my sins.

I will share for the first time ever in my life the experiences I have had all in the name of 'love' -- like suffering a broken nose, broken ribs, broken jaw and rape. The physical abuse was bad, but it was nothing compared to the mental abuse that lasted for years.

You will see that 'thru the grace of God' and learning about His love for you, you will come out stronger and more determined to say…NO to abuse and YES to God’s love for you -- the kind of love that heals our wounds and forgives all sin and never harms you with words.

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